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It’s not an adventure if you don’t get a little bit lost along the way

  • An Introduction

    9th Nov 2019 by

    Hello! So I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a couple of years. I think about a lot of things; like doing the housework, cutting out processed sugar and what it would be like to go outside in the rain dressed only in socks. Most of the things I think about I never actually… Read more

  • AstraZeneca

    22nd May 2021 by

    I got a Covid vaccine last month, AstraZeneca, since that’s the one that’s most used round here. I could have waited for Pfizer, which I would have preferred, but my husband works in a small classroom all day with people in their twenties, and when he’s not in the classroom, he’s working out in a… Read more

  • Be Imperfect

    21st Apr 2021 by

    (Or “You don’t have to be perfect”) I read something somewhere that our brain can’t visualize a negative. “Don’t shout” is harder to process than “Speak quietly”. It makes sense to me, so following that, this post is about Being Imperfect. Right now as I type, my ADHD child is “doing Maths” behind me. That’s… Read more

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