Sleep tracking

AE0917EF-D083-487B-9A2E-14F068533241I bought a sleep tracker in April. It wasn’t cheap, in fact it cost a lot more than I ever thought I would spend on something like this, but it’s made a real difference. Every night I tuck myself up ready to go, and every morning it gives me a readiness score out of 100. Now…this is designed for healthy people so 97…what?? Amazing! I’ll go horseriding, then walk to town, paint the spare room and mow the lawn before lunch – or not. (This was today and I didn’t feel that great to be honest, I’m in a long lasting dip at the moment which is why I’m not posting often).

So if the readiness score isn’t massively accurate, what’s the point?

323D3869-7D72-47D8-B609-E822094A23A1Firstly, this 👆 . From tracking sleep every night, I’ve noticed that a lot, if not all of my deep (restorative) sleep is before midnight. I usually get 20 minutes or so after midnight, but most is before. If I get to sleep too late, I get no deep sleep and wake up feeling really ill.

B53E85AE-4962-4ED8-803C-CC177376B5A4This was the night before, I felt rubbish and couldn’t get to sleep for ages. My heart was beating like a crazy thing, I felt dizzy, nauseous, my joints were burning, I had pins and needles in my feet and then the panic started up, so all in all it was a bit hokey til just after midnight. The tracker shows 15 minutes of deep sleep. Ideally you want over an hour and a half a night. This is something that I’ve seen over and over again, if I don’t get  to sleep early enough, my sleep suffers and then I feel ill the day afterwards.
It certainly helps to see where the different stages of sleep lie each night and tailor my sleep schedule as best I can to fit in with it.

I’ll write the “secondly” bit later, not a great day today! Sorry about the size of the images, I can’t shrink them on the ipad and I’m too tired to go and sit at the PC.



4 thoughts on “Sleep tracking

  1. This is very interesting, thanks. I too have been in a long-lasting dip at the moment, since the cold weather started at the end of Oct. Looking back in my diary for last year it was the same. It will be interesting to see if your sleep tracker shows differences in the summer.
    Go easy decorating the spare room whilst on horseback 😜


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