I’ve written this blog post a thousand times over the last 5 months. I lie in bed at night and think “I must write another post” and then morning comes and I forget all about it. Or I’ll be meditating and think “after this I’ll get that next post written” and then forget again. I spend a lot of my life forgetting. Just this morning I forgot (again) that Granny was ringing at 11 to give my eldest an online piano lesson (oops).

Part of the problem is that I don’t know what to write about in this one. I keep thinking diet and food would be a great one, but then there’s more about acceptance, more about meditation, a whole post on Intermittent Fasting, lots to say about exercise and stages of recovering and rest … and so on and so forth.

Another part of the trouble is that I have more energy now so I’m doing things. That photo above is from a bike ride I went on last week. A Bike Ride! So exciting (and only 30 minutes on the flat but hey!).

Today I’m just writing and I’ll pick one thing and go for it. Bear with me as I ramble on.


This year I decided I would change one thing a month.

  • January I listened to a talk a day from the wonderful ANS rewire,
  • February I decided to do a 5 minute yoga sequence every morning,
  • March I worked on doing 50 minutes of meditation every day,
  • April I built in 20 minutes of yoga every evening,
  • May I finally got around to cutting out all dairy, gluten and processed sugar (that’s been an adventure!)
  • June I incorporated sit-ups/squats/lunges/tricep dips x5 once a day

This coming month I’m going to try and do 7 stretches every day because my back ACHES all the time and I know it’s because I spend most of my day like this:

relaxed woman having nap in hammock
Photo by ArtHouse Studio on

Habits apparently take over 2 weeks to make and I have brain fog so y’know, I forget a lot. By just adding one thing a month it helps me not to get confused with what I’m doing and it also means that I have enough energy to do that one thing because I’m not adding tons in at once.

I’m not listening to the sessions from January at the moment but that was a good habit to get into, and the evening Chi gong I’ve been too tired for recently but I did enjoy them during that month.

I’m learning, slowly, that this recovery is a way of life. Some months I’m going to do great and feel amazing and other months will be slow and frustrating. If I eat an ice cream one day, that doesn’t blow my processed sugar free eating out the window, it’s okay! If I end up napping instead of meditating one day, that’s okay too.

The habits I want to keep up at the moment are the diet changes, the meditation and the exercise but I’m aware that my body might tell me otherwise. I’ll continue to try and take each day at face value and not feel duty-bound to do something on a day I don’t feel well enough.

Happy Saturday!



4 thoughts on “Indecisions

  1. Such a good idea to do one new thing each month. I might take a leaf…
    My aim is to get back on my bike too. 🥰


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